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The Weeknd releases new album

The Weeknd’s album, Starboy, has finally released and it is better than expected. The artist recently put out another album about a year ago that was very different compared to his first album. The last album that was released was extremely poppy and did not sound like himself and many fans were disappointed. This new album that was released, Starboy, really brought back a nostalgic sound to many of the listeners ears. He incorporated a lot of the same rhythms and melodies in this new album that were in his very first album that was ever released.

The Weeknd did a great job at collaborating with different musicians that are very popular right now. Some of these musicians were Lana Del Rey and Kendrick Lamar. These artists added great talent to the album as well as more diversity to the album. This album was very sexy with a poppy twist just like his first album was. The album has a techno twist with his biggest collaborator, Daft Punk. Daft Punk added a lot of greatness to this album with their techno side of their music. They were on many of the songs on this album and really spiced up the album more.

This album is planned to be followed by a fall tour in 2017. Tickets are about to go on sale and I have a feeling that this tour will sell out. The lyrics on this album are just like the lyrics on the first album except 10x better. He did a lot of promotional work for this album and really focused on showing the fans himself and the work that he was putting into this album. He really wanted the fans to know how much passion was behind this album and how he wanted to get back to the older music.


An upcoming web video and the process behind it

For my upcoming web video, I have interviewed a dear friend of mine about his passion and talent through music. The interview is focused on the person’s lack of motivation to play music in his time of life as of now. As a millennial, it is easy to become distracted by different things in the world, especially technology. This interview shows the audience how distracted one can get from their passions. Technology can easily steal one’s motivation to focus on things that they really love, such as music. This person discusses the battle between technology and passion and the way that they can so easily sit down when they come home from a long day and stare at their phone for minutes or maybe even hours. Whether they are scrolling through a social media network or immersed in an article about something current, their faces are glowing with a light that essentially sucks the passion out of them.

While interviewing this person, they discussed how music can really get them out of their normal headspace and into a more zen piece of their mind. It can make them forget a bad day, reflect on a great day and look onwards to a new week. I interviewed them for longer than the web video shows, but I focused on implementing all of the main ideas and points into the editing of the web video.

For this web video, I was able to use two cameras. I set up one camera on a tripod and held the other one. This allowed me to get multiple shots throughout the interview and throughout the time that this person played his music. I focused on video sequencing thought the web video, such as close up shots, medium shots and long shots. I’m a sucker for close up shots and I realize that the entire web video cannot be close up shots, so I was continuously having to remind myself not to do close up shots, but also medium and long shots. The long shots were fun because I was able to capture the entire environment of this person’s music space and all of their instruments.

This interview was focused on how distracted one can be with their passions, but it was also only focused on one specific passion for this person. It was focused on the guitar even though he is very passionate about many other instruments as well as very talented at playing other instruments. I filmed him playing more ambient music than anything else. This is what he mostly plays and enjoys playing the most.

I had set up a microphone with a small interface connected to my laptop and a software on there to interview this person. After a while, I had decided that the person was much more comfortable talking without a microphone in their face and it was easier for them to have more of a conversation interview feel with me without a microphone. So, I ended up switching to interviewing them with my phone microphone. Although the interview sounded much better through the microphone and the interface on my laptop, I figured that I would rather have this person be more comfortable with me and during the interview because I felt that I would be able to get more out of them and really capture their personality. I did not film this interview for the web video, I only edited in the audio of it onto the web video. Whereas, the web video is mainly focused on the person playing the guitar and their music. I also added a song in the web video that is not their own, but it added a little more to the video. It added more emotion to the web video and the way that the person discussed their passion and how great it was to finally be playing music again.

All in all, I did not want this web video to be focused on a boring sit down, one-on-one interview with a friend of mine, but rather a web video of them showing me something interesting instead of telling me about. This web video is the best of both worlds where it shows a person doing what they are passionate about and it allows the audience to hear why they are passionate about it as well. It lets the audience know how easy it is for one to get distracted from their passions and shows how passionate this person is for music. I focused on capturing different angles of this person playing music with two cameras on him at all times and I focused on filming the set-up process of this person’s music and their instruments. This web video is centered around millennials and passion and what they believe passions are to them.


The Japanese House to release new album

The Japanese House is set to release her second album, Swim Against the Tide November 11, 2016. But, The Japanese House aka Amber Bain, has already captured our hearts with three new singles from the latest album. She has swept us up in her dreamy tones, her abstracted harmonies and her awe-inspiring lyrics. Hearing The Japanese House for the very first time, I was convinced it was your typical boy group from the UK, sounding a great deal like The 1975. After doing a little creeping on the bands social media, I discovered that this was not a group, but just a 20-year-old girl by the name of Amber. Turns out I wasn’t however wrong about her music sounding like The 1975, they co-produced the past album, Clean, according to Alternative Press.


Swim Against the Tide, has already proved to be an excellent album with the three singles that have already been released. Bain provides more of a calmer sound with Face like Thunder, but lifts the feeling of the album with songs like Good side in and Swim Against the Tide. She doesn’t provide as much of The 1975 sounds on this newest album which gives her a way to show her own sounds off and everything that she has learned in the recent years by working with The 1975. These three whimsical singles have been a gentle, yet little kick in my mornings. The new album sounds as if it’ll pair great with ample amounts of coffee and unlimited daydreaming.

The album consists of Amber showing off new talent with her a voice recorder that changes the sound of her voice. This is where I was confused. This whole time I thought that this was a guy singing or a group of guys. But it was Amber using a voice editing microphone that changes her voice to a more lower and more electronic sound. This album shows a little bit more of her real voice and how she really sounds. She really shows herself off in this album and pushes herself to newer limits in this album. With newer lyrics and newer music skills, the musician brings herself to a better light with this album unlike any of her other albums. She is only getting better in her music and her talent.


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Paying to use social media; Article review

Beginning an article with a a few questions usually doesn’t seem to work very efficiently, but this article’s beginning questions really made me think and I believe would make anyone reading it think. Author of the article, Suzanne Delzio asks, “Do you know where to spend your social media marketing dollars?” “Wondering what works for other businesses?” This was fairly smart of Delzio to begin her article with these questions because many people don’t know where to begin with social media, especially for their businesses.

It is difficult for many business owners and managers to discover which social media really reaches their targeted audiences. They also don’t know which social media networks to pay to reach their target audience. Delzio points out many people use promoted posts, usually on Facebook. I have seen that Facebook is one of the biggest promotion sites for different businesses. I have also seen how Twitter used to come in a close second to Facebook, but Instagram, I believe, has surpassed Twitter with the paid promotional posts today.  This article shows a lot of research that Delzio provided, including surveys. One survey points out that 61% of its respondents felt that promoted posts were effective. Delzio also points out that the effectiveness of promoted ads on social networking sites such as, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have increased between 2014 and 2015. I really liked how the author explained her research findings in this article. I think that is a very efficient way of presenting an article, giving evidence as to why your article is believable and correct. It goes into detail exploring how different marketers and others do paid social ads and how and why they pay for social media. According to the research conducted in this article, Facebook was the highest social media platform used for effectiveness in promotional ads and for people to pay. YouTube came in a close second, then Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and lastly, Gooogle+.  This research was conducted by the Content Marketing Institute.

Less than half of respondents in this survey responded by saying promoted social posts and ads were effective. I found it good that this was placed in the article, just so that it shows readers that paid social media does not work for everyone and every business. I really liked the continued research in this article and how thorough it was. It is really to the point and the research was very well done. It is sometimes hard to find good research articles, especially on this type of subject of social media. I think that this article really captures the attention of the readers and causes them to be more interested because of all of the great and clear research in this article.

The author shows research done of advertising executives rating Facebook and Pinterest highest for return on investment. I found it very interesting that Pinterest was one of the highest ROI’s because I had never really pay attention to the promotion on there  until I realized that really the entire social media platform was basically a promotion for different people branding themselves and companies branding themselves. I think the author did a great job at pointing out that Pinterest was very effective for promotion and I don’t think that many people realize that. It was pointed out that Snapchat ended up receiving a C- grade in the promotional aspect of the social media platform. This only happened recently because Snaphchat had lowered their budget for promotional advertising. Instagram was graded with a C+ which makes sense having Instagram just recently began advertising and paid promoting on their social media platform.

This article was split up into different categories of how and who was rating these social media platforms based on how their paid promotion was. I think that it was very smart and always is very smart to split up an article that way, especially a research article. Reading all of the different research findings and such can get a little confusing with all of the different numbers and topics. All in all, this article was very well written and easy to understand. The author gave great evidence to support their topics and I was never left questioning anything that was written because of how well the evidence supported what the author wanted to point out. I think that she did a great job with finding this research and explaining this research. The article really shows that paying for social media can boosts one’s company and do a great job at promoting different things. It points out that there is usually a good ROI on all of social media platforms, especially Facebook and Pinterest. It shows how different marketers feel about paying to use social media and I think that  ultimately helps other people and businesses figure out if they really want to pay to use social media.

New Research Reveals Paid Social Media Effectiveness


The ins and outs of YouTube

YouTube has been a growing web video platform for many years now. It has been an excellent network for many people desiring to grow their personal brand, show off new tech and new ideas. It has assisted people in gaining more knowledge on how to grow their personal brand. YouTube users have now become able to be profitable from YouTube with their many videos and channels that they acquire. For example, Casey Neistat, a daily vlogger on the network has grown his channel to over 5 million subscribers and his average video views are around 3 million views. Neistat began vlogging to grow his personal brand and he soon became a hit on the network. He now does a daily blog which reaches many different people all around the world.


Becoming profitable on YouTube 

Many vloggers such as Neistat, are paid by companies to feature their products in their videos. As well as, people are paid by the ads that are featured in the beginning of their YouTube videos. YouTube has essentially created a way for many different users to earn money through the site without paying these users a dime. It has been a very favorable tool for people that need to learn how to do something, learn about new technology that is or has recently come out and even gain a few laughs here and there.


The ins and outs and everything in between 

YouTube has been a useful tool for users to learn how to do things with the millions and millions of how-to videos on there. Users are able to upload videos on how to do something correctly or how not to do something correctly. This has been a compass for many people who do not like to read instructions. The tech videos have also been exceedingly convenient. There is a big amount of YouTube users that have become essentially the go-to people for tech reviews. These users will discuss the new tech product that has come out and add what they don’t like about it and what they do like. They are also there to show someone how to use the product, the ins and outs of the product and why they should or shouldn’t purchase the product. This has become very popular among the tech world because instead of purchasing a new tech product and discovering you absolutely cannot handle it, you are simply able to get on YouTube and see if you’re going to like the product before spending a great deal of money on it.


The humorous side of the network

With the copious  amount of videos on YouTube, there are bundles of videos that users are able to share many laughs about. These videos stretch all the way from a person dancing and falling face first all the way to dogs hugging each other and smiling. These videos bring humor to the internet and YouTube allows users to share them all on different social networking sites.


Personal branding on YouTube

The personal branding aspect of YouTube has been very essential for many people. Users are able to accumulate many different subscribers from all around the world to view their brand and what they are all about. This can be good for people that are attempting to build their brand and it pushes them to stay current in their industry. After users begin to grow their personal brand on YouTube, many different companies begin to find them and strive to either have them on their team or use them to feature their new products or feature new upcoming events. This helps both the user growing their personal brand and other companies. YouTube has a great community of users that are doing personal branding on the network and this gives way for many of these users to find each other and collaborate with each other.


Because YouTube has created a way for users to show how-to videos, grow their personal branding, and show off new tech products, it has essentially made way for its users to be profitable off of the network. The various how-to videos or how-not-to videos, give way for users to watch how to do different things instead of reading instructions on how to do certain things. It has provided its users with a way to get their voice out there and brand themselves. YouTube makes a way for its users to show off new tech products so that people know weather they want to purchase the new tech product or not and what they are going to like and dislike about the product. It is a network that allows its users to be themselves and brand themselves all at the same time. It shares laughs all around the world and is also able to inspire users. The network also allows users to accumulate more subscribers every day and self-promote. YouTube has been a growing web video platform for many years and will continue to grow every day.




Do it for the Vine

The famous app owned by Twitter, Vine, is coming to an end. Twitter has announced that they are shutting down Vine and it has created a social media frenzy. In lieu of Instagram’s launch of 30 second videos to the now one minute long videos, Vine could not keep up with the competition. According to the New York Times, people that discovered fame from Vine, eventually moved on to social media networks that were more cost-effective. In the end, this left Vine with almost nothing and no one. 

The shutting down of this app has caused people sadness and left people questioning why. Many people found the six-second videos on this app hilarious and extremely entertaining. This is why Vine users are left questioning why is it that they are shutting down. The truth is, unfortunately, Twitter has not been very profitable in the recent months. Twitter has had to make cuts on jobs and other projects, such as Vine according to the New York Times. 

Vine has created so many laughs around the world for many people with many different memorable videos. It is hard for one not to laugh when opening the app. According to the New York Times and NPR, Vine has promised users a way to download and save their favorite videos. I believe that Vine is being let go along side the 9 percent of jobs being let go, because many of the people that made Vine so famous have moved onto the more profitable sites. The app had began dying down when these Vine “stars” started to move on because the viewers of these stars did not see them any longer on the app. This created the loops on Vine to die down and more and more people were becoming less entertained with the app. Users of the app would begin finding their favorite Vine “stars” on other, bigger networks which would cause them to forget about the app. 

It is sad and unfortunate that Twitter has decided to shut down the six-second video app. The app was and still is very loved by many. Vine’s co-founder, Rus Yusupo, tweeted, “Don’t sell your company!” Not happy about selling his app to Twitter and then watching them turn around and shut it down three years later. 

All in all, Twitter has been profitable in the last year, up 8 percent from last year. With cutting 9 percent of jobs throughout Twitter and their much-loved app Vine, there should be an increase in the profitability seen through the next year in Twitter. It is sad watching Vine get cut from the social networking scene, especially seeing all of the famous people it has brought to light. This app has been a mood-booster for many, an inspiration and a time for laughs. Very many memorable six-second videos have come out of it and I believe they will be sticking around for many years to come. The six-second videos have become so popular and viral. You can see the regret that co-founder, Rus Yusupo has for selling his app and watching it be shut down so soon after, a good lesson to follow. We are sad to see the app go, but we know the memorable videos will be on the internet forever.